Saint James Labyrinth

A message from the Senior Warden:

The labyrinth is open to all who would like to use it.  It is open and free.  I believe that all we ask is that one respects our sanctuary. We have non members that walk it throughout the year.

 As for donations, we wouldn't ask for any, better yet I'm not asking for any.  I have looked at the healing nature website and in the spirit of nature I am going to ask for something else

So here is what I ask.  Enjoy the space; find peace while you walk it.  We will not ask for any donations. If you feel a donation must be made, please consider this.  Send money to the Ruffed Grouse society,, for conservation of land for the Ruffed grouse and the American Woodcock, OR plant a fruit bearing tree or bush at the entrance to or on the edge of the labyrinth that will bear fruit and provide food for the animals that live around St James.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the Labyrinth.